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Nice to Meet You

Welcome to One Shaggy Dog! I want to make this a sort of journal / personal style record so I’ll start off with my last thrift store mini haul. This thrift took place after a bit of oral surgery. I had to go the dentists’ office to get a cavity filled. It wasn’t a big deal – my dentist just pulled a syringe out of nowhere and stabbed my cheek with it. It only took 20 minutes before I was walking out with a new filling. There was a Goodwill on the way back home, so me and my sister decided to indulge in some retail therapy while we were recovering from having our teeth drilled into. This is what I found on that trip.

IMG_4773 copy          Banana T-shirt / Nature x Andy Warhol x The Velvet Underground x Decades of Mass Commercial Appropriation

American Apparel


Yes, the bananas are that iconic. Here is an artist’s illustration of Andy Warhol with bananas on his head.

andy warhol banana

Illustrated by Ben Montero
Commissioned by Societe Perrier

IMG_4786 copyGreen and Gray Sweater / Glory to Cool Looking Vintage Crewneck Sweatshirts

First Run


The Most Colorful Checkered Dress Ever / 50’s Housewife Pantone Riot
Stuart Alan



Pusheens everywhereeee

I had declared my shopping finished when I found this dress hidden on the rack. First impression – WOW SUCH COLORS / DO I WANT? / WANTTT. My wardrobe has its fair share of color but the sheer brightness of this dress is beyond anything I have. My intelligent, reasonable younger sister, upon seeing what I found, rolls her eyes so far up north they reach Canada. I ignored her protests and headed to the dressing room. The sleeves were a bit small on my arms but the dress surprisingly fit. I struggled with justifying whether to get it or not, but it was too cool to pass up. I haven’t gotten to wear it out yet – still waiting for some sign from the universe to break it out. I think if I lived in a bustling place like NYC I would have no problem wearing something so flashy. The pace of life in San Diego is a lot slower. College students (including me) all dress like “The Dude” everyday in our pajamas and flip flops so this dress would stick out like a Maglite being shoved into your face.


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